F Prepared 
Championship Solo Points for 2012 
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Generated ( 12/9/2012 )
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F PreparedAveraging 1 entrant
NameCarEvtsBest 8Total11
Justin Moore05 Subaru STI360060000020000000200200
Heyward Wagner2005 Subaru STi2320320000000000160160
Nate Hackman2005 Subaru STi11601600001600000000

KEY: (See Supplemental Regulations for detailed official rules)
Averaging N entrants; 
projecting M trophies
  The number of trophies awarded in a season depends on the average number of entries in a class. This is the average as of the last event, and the number of trophies if 
  • this average holds at season end, and 
  • there are sufficient competitors qualified for trophies.
NOTE: These numbers may DECREASE or increase with each event.
Tn Name
  Has been awarded an nth place trophy
* Name
  Has run 6 events: half of a 11 event season; projected to be eligible for a trophy, assuming we run exactly 11 events.
  Sum of all points scored in season events to date
Best 8
  The Best 8 scores so far (3 drops have been given to date); one drop is given for every 4 events held.

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