C Street Prepared 
Championship Solo Points for 2012 
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Generated ( 12/9/2012 )
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C Street PreparedAveraging 3 entrants
NameCarEvtsBest 8Total11
Josiah King98 Honda CRX5850850130000160200002000160
Ruben Padron90 Mazda Miata46906900000200016013000200
Scott Fraser91 Miata360060020000000200200000
Tom Kubo91 Mazda Miata2320320160000000160000
Edward WongMiata2270270000001600110000
Alan Bowers99 Miata12002000000000002000
Micah McElravyMiata12002000002000000000
Stuart Luper2001 Miata12002000200000000000
Alvin Cheng1990 Mazda Miata11601600001600000000
Jose Orozro92 Mazda Miata11301300000000000130
Kevin Carter1995 Miata11301300000130000000
Bruce Blonden91 Miata11101100000110000000

KEY: (See Supplemental Regulations for detailed official rules)
Averaging N entrants; 
projecting M trophies
  The number of trophies awarded in a season depends on the average number of entries in a class. This is the average as of the last event, and the number of trophies if 
  • this average holds at season end, and 
  • there are sufficient competitors qualified for trophies.
NOTE: These numbers may DECREASE or increase with each event.
Tn Name
  Has been awarded an nth place trophy
* Name
  Has run 6 events: half of a 11 event season; projected to be eligible for a trophy, assuming we run exactly 11 events.
  Sum of all points scored in season events to date
Best 8
  The Best 8 scores so far (3 drops have been given to date); one drop is given for every 4 events held.

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